Please click on the pages above to learn more about my calligraphic practice. Scroll up to read posts about lettering art and related topics. Feel free to contact me at L.dipiazza@yahoo.com with any questions. Thanks for visiting!

photo credit: Jakob Ott

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Laura, can you tell me what kind of pen/how to make or where to buy, that you use to write the text” I came to…Butter fo the bread of life…Instead at the end…” Thanks!

  2. Thank you,Laura.I never use an oblique pen holder. So, what are advantages of that one? Does your nip work well on regular straight pen holder ?I have some calligraphy nips but I can not make thin and bold lines just by one nip as you do( even I tried light and hard strokes,the thin and bold lines are not clear different as your). Your type of nip is really what I am looking for!

    1. You’re welcome Ky Sy. The advantage of using an oblique pen holder, when lettering a script such as copperplate or Spencerian, is to assist you in achieving a letter slant of about a 52 to 55 degree angle. A pointed pen nib should give you dark ‘shaded’ strokes when going down and fine thin hairlines when your nib is going upwards. If you have a light touch when lettering and you are using a very stiff nib (like a Gilliot 1068A) then you’ll likely get monoline lettering. I recommend that you try a more flexible nib, like Hunt 99. If you press the nib down onto any surface, without ink, you should see the tines of the nib open up (that’s how you get the thick stroke). Check out this pointed pen diagram: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Pointed_pen_parts.svg

      1. This has helped answer a few of my questions, which I googled for… 🙂 Many, many thanks, Laura.

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