Writing tools


I have 100’s of writing tools. I tend to use pointed-pen and board-edge pen nibs often but find the ruling pen to be the most fun! What are some of your favorite writing instruments?

My favorite go pointed pen nib, which gives me fine hairlines and bold shaded strokes, is the Nikko G nib. It’s made in Japan and the quality control on this line is outstanding as I never had a random bad nib from the hundreds I’ve used over the years. Since I have a heavy hand when I touch this nib provides just the right amount of resistance. If you have a very light touch and find it difficult to get thick downward strokes – try a flexible nib like Hunt 99.

My favorite board-edge pen nibs are Mitchell Round Hand nibs. I highly recommend using a reservoirs which are sold separately. Reservoirs help the ink, or paint, to flow out evenly and they are absolutely necessary for larger nib sizes like size 0 to 2.

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