Calligraphy is a specialized field with few present day highly-skilled practitioners. Even everyday penmanship is on the decline in our digitalized world. Part of my practice includes teaching calligraphy workshops. If you are currently a student and would like to improve your lettering skills or are completely new to calligraphy, please check out the resources listed below.



Society of Scribes

Spencerian Script Penmanship

Calligraphy Centre



Calligraphy Supplies (USA):

John Neal Booksellers

Paper and Ink Arts


3 thoughts on “Students

  1. Dear Laura,
    What highly laudable and much needed venture you have launched here, but what a formidable undertaking, to improve the penmanship of the multitudes who write what they think now mostly with their thumb!.
    I missed you when you came to Au Papier japonais: my loss. I would have very much enjoyed meeting you and talking letterforms. My own field is graphic design and the love of the alphabet has been a constant influence and fascination.
    Your website looks terrific. I only wish you lived closer so I could invite you to give one of the many courses we offer through the store.
    I wish you every success, and hope that if you do return to Montreal, we’ll meet.
    All my best,
    Stan Phillips

  2. Hello Stan, I very much enjoyed my visit to Au Papier Japonais. I found there a wonderful selection of quality papers from Japan and Nepal. Yes, I too hope we will meet during my next visit to Montréal.
    All good wishes,

  3. I live in Maine and am very interested in learning calligraphy. When will you be giving another workshop in or near Maine?


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